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Project Brief


Wellvibe is a supercharged engagement application for employee health management. Its outcomes-driven interface gives users unique experiences based on their gender, age, biometrics and other personal health needs. Physical fitness activities that tie into wearable devices help engage users and keep them motivated. With impactful incentives tied to participation, Wellvibe empowers employees to take ownership of their benefits.

I was a co-founder of Wellvibe and it became a start-up venture backed by McGohan Brabender, an independent health insurance broker. In my primary role I was the Product Owner and Sr. UI/UX Designer of the product. I was also the scrum master of a 4-member Agile developer team, and a 3-member QA team.

At it's peak Wellvibe had a 50,000+ member base. Notable clients were Anthem and United Healthcare. Wellvibe was sold in 2016.

My design efforts shown here on this page encompass branding, marketing and UI/UX design. I also wrote the HMTL and CSS used throughout the site using a mobile first approach to make the site responsive on all devices.

  • Role:Product Owner, Lead Designer
  • Discipline: Branding, CSS, UI/UX
  • Product:Responsive Website
  • Date:2016

UI/UX Design

The Wellvibe user experience is designed to be unique for each individual. When a user completes an onboarding questionaire the user interface is created based on their age, gender and other medical related questions. After a biometric exam is completed, the results are loaded into Wellvibe for analysis and health management activity tracking.

Wellvibe Member Home Page
Wellvibe Home page
Wellvibe Member Biometric Snapshot
Wellvibe Member Biometric Snapshot

Results achieved

Wellvibe is designed to be simple and easy to use so members can take an active role in managing their health. If members aren’t managing their health, there goes the ROI!

Million+ in Revenue
Lines of code
Cups of Coffee

Graphic Design and Icons

The Wellvibe application uses a wide variety of custom designed and branded graphics to give it a modern, cohesive user interface.

Activities Banner
Message Center Banner
Engagement Social Circles
Rewards Points
Engagement Icons
Biometrics One Sheet
Biometrics One Sheet
Biometrics One Sheet
What is MeTs One Sheet
Wellvibe App Icons
Prenatal One Sheet
MetS Score panel


The finished design as it's displayed on various devices.


Perry Sandlewick
Art Director, UI/UX designer, Brand Ambassador

Email: sandlewick@gmail.com

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